Hey you…check this out.

I’ve got a new way to look at your life, sort of a new perspective on things.

Did you know that you are the playwright of your own life?

Yes, that’s what I said. The playwright.

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So, you may inquire…. what exactly is a playwright?

Well, a playwright is (according to given definition): someone who produces a creative act (a script for a play) that can enlarge human experience and enrich our awe and appreciation of life.

Think about it this way—your life is like a theatrical play and you are the writer of that play…you decide what will happen.

Of course, keep in mind, like in all things in life, nothing has a complete certainty…there are always obstacles to overcome and someone could break a leg—so to speak—anything can happen. But, you…you write down the foundation and the lines.

Oh, and by the way, incidentally you also happen to be the primary actor—playing the starring role, of course. And, let’s not forget that you will also be the casting director of all those around you…you choose where your play will be set and what type of characters will be in your script.

However, keep in mind you do have limits. You are free to decide those things that you are able to control, and leave the rest to fate.

You write the script and edit it however you will. And, as time, maturity and wisdom allow, your writing will change and your goals and dreams will adapt to those changes.

What I am trying to point out here is that in everything we do we are the one who makes the choice.

It is our decision that will be held ultimately responsible.

We all have gotten good at giving excuses about stuff we don’t want to do, or we don’t like. That is human nature, I suppose. But what we can’t afford to do is to excuse ourselves out of doing what’s right.

We must be ready to step up and take the reins, rewrite our life script as needed and not be shy to do so for fear of what critics may think.

How many times have you been in a situation where you did or said something you wish you never had?

I know it’s happened to me more times than I’d like to remember. I always have these afterthoughts and regrets… “Oh, why did I say that?” or “Why didn’t I say that?” But then I realize that it’s never too late to go back to rewrite my mistakes.

Sure, you can never take back things that have been said, but you are still in control of how you handle your life.

And, this falls back to the responsibility part…we decide what to say and how to say it. We also choose who we say things to and who we don’t.

What if…just what if you were able to rewrite the things in your life that you have said or done that you have regret about?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Let’s say if you could take it all back…with complete sincerity of heart, wouldn’t you do it?

Sure you would. I would. We all would…what would we have to lose?

Well here’s the great thing about being the playwright of your life: you can take it back; all of it.

You can by following a few simple steps to rewrite your regrets and here’s how:

  1. Ask Allah for forgiveness with complete sincerity and seriousness of heart.
  2. Sit down and literally re-write that situation or conversation the way that it should have happened—to end up as a positive situation.
  3. Apologize to whomever you may have hurt.
  4. Make sure you remember what and why things you regret have occurred—analyze the situations individually and contemplate the ways you can make sure they are not repeated.
  5. Ask for guidance in your future decisions.

By taking these few simple steps, you will begin to become the playwright of your life and be able to intelligently direct your life experiences with wise choices and thoughtfulness of others.

One final thing to remember about being your own playwright:

Take a look around you, a serious look around you at people from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, the wealthy and the poor, the weak and the powerful….and realize this:

Everyone writes their life script, but not everyone writes with meaning and purpose.

1 Comment

  • Muhammad Shakir Hussain

    December 31, 2016 - 3:41 am

    Dear Sir,
    Assalamualaikum Wa rahmathullahi Wa barakatuh,

    It is nice to read your article titled as ” you are the playwrite of your life ” Thanks for that. As far as my thinking goes
    that no one can play write of his or her life as we are wellded to Quranic doctrines and the teaching of our beloved
    prophet Sallellahu alaihi Wa sallam in all the matters life and death. One can write his or her own autobiography
    with all the positivity and negativity that came across their lives. At the end of the day, we have to turn back to our creator Allah Subahanau Wa taala for all the results and reasons hidden underneath of our subconscious.
    For example you might be remebering the foot ball team which was perised in a plane crash recenly. Could you
    imagine the their ambitions and hopes before taking the boarding passes at the air port ? No, hence our planning is quite different from the planning of Allah Subahanau Wa taala

    Out of 5 simple steps that you have suggested in you article, the step # 2 is not required at all when you have agreed with full consious and confidence also with undaunted belief to total sub mission towards Allah Subahanau Wa taala.
    The step# 4 also, up to some exrent not nessacery when our dependence is whole and solely on Allah Subahanau Wa taala !!

    May Allah grant and belss you more knowledge in order to share with the Ummah.

    Jazak Allah Khair !!

    Muhammad Shakir Hussain.

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