Ya Nafs,

Falling prey to the traps of Satan easily,

Not letting go, in my desires you drown me. Blinding me with the pleasures of the temporary , By obeying Iblees Ar-Rajeem and his allies.

He, who from righteousness was expelled,

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And, Bani Adam, till Qayamah, he swore to mislead.

One sujood he denied and hundreds you miss, Between you and him, what is the difference?


Ya Nafs,

To obey Allah I was created,

But from my aim you got me deviated. Five times a day, the muezzin calls to Salaah, I must rush to it, for I’m in need for Falaah.

But you bind me, impairing my sense,

With fitnah, haraam and all nonsense.

Am I so un worthy to stand before Rab al Aalameen,

Or have I earned His wrath and joined Ad-Dhaalleen Ya Nafs,

Those souls won’t be of any use to you

On the Day when you would search for rescue.

Those whom you have chosen above Allah,

Are going to be your deadly enemies Wallah!  Forget the people, your own limbs would testify,  All the proofs against you – they won’t deny.  Then why do you ignore the blessings that surround,  And the Lord whose love for you has no bound?


Ya Nafs, 

You are made weak and prone to fitnah, 

But He made you wise enough to choose between evil and hasanah. 

Please Allah alone Ya ashraf-ul Makhluqaat, 

Don’t degrade yourself and submit to your shahawaat.

Wise words! And how beautifully they rhymed,  But what use is of knowledge unless applied.

To distract from good, I don’t need an enemy,

To destroy my goal, you are enough Ya Nafsi… 



  • Ya Nafs – O’ self
  • Iblees – name of Satan

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  • Hammad Ali

    July 11, 2021 - 8:54 pm

    Alhamdulillah ya ukhti, this was so so beautiful. Jazakallah khairan katheera. May Allah save us from ourselves, from our nafs. Aameen.

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