the ramadan muslim

The Ramadân Muslim

The surge of spiritual energy, the feeling of goodness within your soul, the hopes of doing good – the time of Ramadân! Undoubtedly the best kickstart a Muslim can get in trying to set aright their wrongs, rectify bad habits, or simply…
On our relation with allah

On Our Relationship with Allah

MUSLIMS ARE SUPPOSED to feel connected to Allah and experience His closeness more than anyone else of His creation. After all, no one is more privileged and honored than him who is required to stand before his Creator in prayers and praise…
Muslim Community- Racism and Ramadan

Muslim Community: Racism and Ramadan

EARLIER THIS YEAR I was a presenter at the 2017 ICNA conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The title of one of my two workshops was, “Looking Inward – Strategies to Mitigate Race Issues Within the Muslim Community”. By the will of Allah, the…