Everything is a test from Allah SWT. The whole world is in lockdown due to Covid19.
How are you spending this self isolation? 

You’re about to discover the secrets of achieving a pure heart from the classical scholars of Islam.
Why is it important? Have you noticed while most people go into depression there are some who are at peace? That feeling of peace and serenity comes nowhere but from the inner heart / qalb despite the chaos in the world. 

Download this free edition. May Allah make this your first step to attain a pure and peaceful heart, insha Allah. 
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Our Readers Experience With Our Magazine...

Jerome Lawson ( Danville,illinois )

 I became acquainted with your magazine and i must say that it is one of the few magazines that i want to read from cover to cover! The wealth of religious and historical information was most intriguing and i was thoroughly impressed.

Samah Wareh ( California )

Being a 19 years old, i want to express my utmost gratitude for providing interesting articles that are islamic yet informative and fun to read. 

Kasib Shabazz ( Tracy, CA )

I think you should know how powerful the articles of the magazine, specially those of sister Michelle. Her Articles bring tears to our eyes and awaken our souls.