DISBELIEVERS AND HYPOCRITES, by definition, oppose the truth. That is who they are. That is what they do. And mockery is their method. They mock the prophets. They mock religion. They mock God and His Heavenly Books.

Mockery is, in fact, the inevitable reaction of disbelievers and hypocrites to divine revelation. They resort to mockery because they can’t come forth with a cogent, coherent response to the logical power, the bone-resonating inspiration, of Heaven’s reminder—hymned on the tongues and lit in the noble lives of its chosen messengers—that you, man, are by nature a transcendent being.

That is why the disbelievers and the hypocrites—and Lord knows our worlds are overflowing with both—always go, have always gone, to such astounding lengths to fill our heads with the silly notion that we human beings are just lucky animals—but animals at heart, nonetheless.

This is not accidental invention. It is systematic, strategically applied imaging. Beasts, after all, lack any mystical quality or otherworldly essence and, therefore, any higher purpose or sacred rights, or for that matter, any purpose or rights at all—save to be herded and used to bear the burdens and supply pleasure and wealth to those bestial, brutal, and better enough to use them.

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So there it is, the raw truth behind this wreathed fiction of our evolved bestiality. It’s just ferocious greed.

What is amazing is how, right before our eyes, the heads of hypocrisy and chiefs of unbelief dress these, our chains and shackles, in the moral-colored robes of nobility and sovereignty and then sell them to the enslaved as freedom—freedom defined as the capacity to become a spiritual quadruped and never look up at the sky; freedom that makes inhuman insensitivity to others the mark of civility; freedom that equates the caricature of the godly, irreverence for the holy, and defilement of the inviolable with, of all things, enlightenment; freedom to make yourself a cursed monster out of a once perfectly formed man.…

…And all for the sake of serving a totally selfish, tiny elite who refuse to give up their disgustingly unfair advantages and indecent powers in the sickening social structures and societal systems they have built, even though they are destroying people and the world, even though they know they can never rightfully claim nor logically justify their positions and gains.

They cannot lay rightful claim to them because then they would have to come out with it and say: Look. We are just unbridled, acquisitive, rapacious brutes, gorging ourselves on the earth’s abundance provided by God for all people, and hoarding its common treasures. We do this solely for the sake of our own pleasure, and we don’t care who dies or is destroyed or whose lives we wreck in slaking our insatiable appetites.

And, of course, they cannot logically justify their appalling avarice because it makes no sense for these mutrifîhâ, these affluent ones, who are, after all, almost without exception the leaders of our societies, to explain to us why—for the sake of their obscene opulence, lavish lifestyles, and limitless latitude—humanity’s, and all of creation’s, most basic needs and God-given rights should be sacrificed.

How can they explain to us why for their gluttony the earth’s children should be malnourished? Why for their fountains of youth, our parents should suffer without healthcare? Why for their decadent lifestyles, everyone we know is suddenly riven with disease or disorder? Why they should have palatial houses they can neither number nor remember while our families endure humiliating forfeiture and go homeless? Why our world should be deprived of its food? Why our water should salinize and evaporate. Our forests burn down. Our mountains be blown away. Our air carbonize and deoxygenate. Our animals go extinct. Our fruit wither on the vine. Our climate go hot and our dreams stone cold. Our own colossal monetary wealth be rented back to us at ever-increasing extravagant rates as usurious, interest-laden debt?

And all for the few?

I mean, what arguments can be made for bringing about such apocalyptic inevitabilities for all humanity and the entire earth, for literally a rubric of “special” people?

Their only alternative to honest explanation is to make of men animals, divide them, distract them, make some hounds and others rabbits, and rule over them all.

The Perennial Rupture

The problem with this nifty arrangement, of course, is Heavenly Revelation. It reminds man with an affirmation of who, down deep, he knows he really is, by definition: This noble, upright, symmetrical, compassionate creature, housing a guiding glow from God within called the spirit, the rû ḥ.

Revelation is (quite literally) the curse of the upper crust because it gives man the one key that will truly unlock his manacled mind.

Divine knowledge.

Oh, for the realization that God is One! And that He created him, man himself, individually, with His own two Right Hands.

And how fatefully important becomes the necessary deduction of this reality of man’s divine creation! For it means that, as such, man is truly innately free. It means that none has the right to overrule him, oblige him, prohibit or enjoin him—none save God, the One, man’s only Master.

No priest. No president. No prince.

Revelation enables individual man to behold his own “original state of freedom” from any encumbrance being placed upon his person, thought, or action by any but the One God who made him. This is the native human condition, known in Islam as barâ’at al-a ṣliyyah.

So once man is in possession of the knowledge of what God has sent down to him as his duties and his mission, his purpose in life and in death, he is—just like that!—released from the matrices made by other men, and instantly activated in the earth as a force for liberating man and returning the earth to the just balance that God Himself originally set it in. Thus it is He alone who has set the balance, so that you might not transgress the balance (Sûrat Al-Ra ḥmân, 55:7-8).

For this reason, the prophets have always been the most dangerous men in the world to the likes of these affluent marauders and marshals of the earth in every age, these disbelievers and hypocrites. Because the “hypos” and the “disbos” know that the prophets will take their stand for belief and justice against all odds, that they have the heart and the capability and the divine endowment to flip the population of a locality, a city, a nation, and the world in the face of a seemingly “rationally” impossible opposition—and so too all who follow them!

Thus, to the disbelieving and hypocrite elite, the Heavenly messages and their messengers must be barred from reaching the people, and the people blocked from hearing them—at any price. That is why the disbelieving and hypocrite elite are ever about the business of controlling public communication and discourse. That is why they are constantly pumping the senses of people full with the mantras and materiality of falsehood to refute Revelation’s truth, and with malign montages of the prophets, to put the people off from them.

The Contrivance of Preference

Mockery is the prime mechanism by which the disbelievers and the hypocrites seek to turn man away from God, and thereby turn him away from knowledge of his own self, and what a lofty, illuminated, and powerful creature man truly is. The mutrifîhâ, lords among men, are thus vehemently committed to preventing man from coming to conscious knowledge of his own destiny—his inescapable return to God, his only King and Maker, for judgment and recompense.

For once man understands the ramifications of this (stay with me now)—that God is One; that He has sent man Revelation; that He has sent man messengers from among humanity to demonstrate that Revelation; that these messengers are people who are purely human like himself; and that there are eternal consequences for all his choices; and that this earth is man’s arena for moral action but only for the brief time he shall be alive upon it; and that God will reward him in eternity in accordance with his belief after his death; and that no other has authority over him but the One God, to whom he owes undivided allegiance; and that to the extent that he evidences this belief with his struggle for truth and justice in the world he shall be rewarded; and to the degree he refuses to uphold his own freedom by turning away from reality and indulging in the delusion of the world he shall be punished in Hellfire—once man grasps this, the impeccable logic of belief, he is truly free. Not just free unto himself, but free to become missionized to free his fellow man and to take up his divinely appointed, rightful stewardship of this earth.

Go ahead. Allow yourself to think (no one will know) of the consequence of this, the real nexus of human freedom and responsibility: Believing man thus activated will dismantle all the institutions that uphold the unfair advantages and status of the few. He will unfrock the chosen of leadership and return them to the common fold. And he will dispossess them of all that they have unfairly acquired and return it to its rightful stewards, the people. Moreover, he will forbid lampooning and calumny against the prophets and the righteous.

It is for this reason that the spread of the common sense of divine Revelation, the rise to prominence of a prevalent social aspiration to emulate the God-centered, prophetic character, and the re-establishment of the high ethos and rules of true religion—all normative standards of traditional human culture—never can the disbelieving and hypocrite elite allow a return to this, for it spells their sure worldly undoing (the irony being that this is their only chance of an exodus to heavenly salvation).

The Trump of the Age

In our time, and until the end of the earth, divine Revelation inheres in the Quran. Prophetic conduct perseveres in the living Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. And the most ancient rites and principles of religion, God has restored, perfected, and protected for latter-day man in the religion of Islam.

That is why this Book, this Messenger ﷺ, and this Way of Life are incessantly contested, caricatured, and contorted in our controlled media world. For in them lies the long forgotten answer to the dire questions of our decidedly evil times.

Who am I? How am I to live? What path am I to walk?

It is hurtful to us Muslims that the Prophet ﷺ is now continuously parodied in lowly blasphemy with such reckless disregard. And truly we are not believers if we are not outraged. And truly the tears in our mouths taste bitterer still when we see that such wanton and wicked sacrilege plays to such applause and pontification from the very masses who themselves are the first-order, fettered, fatted victims of the mutrifîhâ who lead them happily to their doom.

But be cheered, O believers, by the realization that not a prophet comes to his people, according to the Quran, but that his people mock him. This means that despite themselves, and in the teeth of all their feckless efforts to destroy the efficacy of the exemplar Muhammad ﷺ, the Messenger of God, our contemporaries, east and west, are doing nothing by their mockery but broadcasting their testimony to the truth, not only that Muhammad ﷺ is the Prophet ﷺ, but that he is, in fact, as evidenced by their own misguided actions to defame him, their Prophet ﷺ, the one sent by God to all of them. For mass mockery of a prophet is a decisive proof of his truth and his warrant from God over those selfsame people who seek to oppose him with derision.

Recognize also something that our Muslim leadership in these far-flung communities seems happy to be cluelessly nescient of: That such mockery is in reality not an isolated exercise of a human right to self-expression, as its crude and clownish practitioners would have us believe, a simplism our Muslim PR-men have swallowed and now regurgitate in stimulus-response whole. In truth, it is part of a continuum of a people’s commitment to aggression, killing, and indiscriminate violence as a policy to protect the vital interests of their disbelieving and hypocritical elite, and that vital interest, candidly, is to make themselves gods among men.

The Quran has a word for a hegemon of such shameless sacrilege: >âghût. And there can be no doubt that the >âghût Muslims now face is not merely about “harmless” cartoons and “humorous” parody. Rather, it is deeply committed to extraordinary violence and enforcement measures to sustain every treat and trinket of its egregious geo-social privilege.

What this >âghût and the court jesters of its cultural hegemony that travesty the blessed Prophet ﷺ with impunity do not realize is that beyond their truncated perception, there is Allah, encompassing them and all their vicious, transgressive actions.

So amid the cacophony of outrage at our supposed Muslim misunderstanding of the high civility of holy modernity (desecrating all we hold sacred), our apparent reduction by our religion to the state of savages (publicly heralded by intellectually refined bus billboards), and our inexplicably innate affinity for violence (as we are insufficiently appreciative of being killed off by remote, banished, jailed, and sexually molested as a secular baptismal by the hundreds of thousands)—in the midst of our Kafkaesque oppression from one end of this dying earth’s two Easts to the other of its two Wests, and through this massive morass of Orwellian newspeak—I commend you to a slow-chanted read of the Quran’s fifteenth surah, Al-Ḥijr…for perspective.

It is the greatest guide through the mainstream mockery-of-Islam simplex in which the world’s brain is currently being bathed. I leave you with a glimpse of its culminating message here.

Allah tells us:

We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them but in accordance with the very essence of all truth. Thus, indeed, the Hour of Doom is most surely coming. Therefore, pardon obstinacy with the fairest pardon [O Prophet].

Indeed, your Lord alone is the All-Creating, the All-Knowing.

For very truly, We have granted you, [O Prophet, the unrivaled blessing of] seven of the most often repeated [verses of God, among humankind] and [the whole of] the magnificent Quran.

So you shall not extend the gaze of your eyes toward the unbelievers and what We have given any number of them to enjoy in this life. Nor grieve over them. But lower your wing of compassion to the believers.

And say: Indeed, it is I—I am the Forewarner sent to make the Quran clear to all people.

So too did We send down Our Scripture upon those who in schism divided it—

those who now seek to render the Quran into bits.

Yet, by your Lord, We shall most surely question them in the Hereafter—all of them—

about whatever evil they used to do in life!

So proclaim that which you have been commanded to convey, and turn away from the idolaters.

For, indeed, We shall suffice you against all the mockers,

those who assign along with God any other god. Yet shall they all come to know.

And very truly, We know that your breast is constrained by what they say.

Yet highly exalt your Lord with all praise. And be always of those who bow their faces down to the ground.

And worship your Lord thus—until the certainty of death comes to you. (Sûrat Al-Ḥijr, 15:85-99)

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  • Yousuf Shamsie

    January 12, 2015 - 4:34 pm


    In the translation above, it is stated “For, indeed, We shall suffice you against all the mockers,
    those who assign along with God any other god.” Does this mean that mockers automatically assign along with God, other gods? Obviously, Tawhid is an extremely important tenet of Islam, but is it a major problem that Muslims face today, or have faced at any other point in their history?


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