(The Jewish community has always been projected by few historians and fanatics as the main enemies of Islam and Muslims, giving rise to various conspiracy theories related to selected current events of our time. A few Zionist, extreme minded Muslims, and hyper Christian missionaries have tried to justify the misinterpreted verses of the Qur’an as a syllabus of hatred, raising an environment of distrust and suspicion towards each other. This article directs a person to the other perspective of the view which has been the justful stand of the scholars and Muslims of earlier generations and various Muslim governments and rulers.) 

The narratives in the Qur’an have historical facts divinely revealed, as well as conclusions of certain tribes, communities, and people by Allah Himself. In certain places, Allah appreciates certain people. while in other places, He cautions them, seeking corrections from them. The most notable phrase for humanity comes in the surah named after the Children ...

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Nisaar Nadiadwala

Previously a visiting university faculty member in both Malaysia and Tanzania, Nisaar Nadiadwala is presently based in the UAE as a trainer in Public Speaking and Communication Skills. As a consultant and a coach in the field of Public Speaking, panel discussions, news debates, and in anchoring Radio-TV-Podcast shows, he has helped people to build their careers through polishing their skills in making presentations. Besides being an award-winning speech maker, he has received the honorable title of Top Writer on Quora in 2018 and continues to retain that position: https://www.quora.com/search?q=Nisaar+Nadiadwala In regard to his socio-religious contributions, Nisaar focuses on family issues from an Islamic perspective, trying to cover every segment of the family. His special attention remains the tarbiyah of teenagers, for which he is invited to many Islamic Schools as a consultant and as a speaker on the teenage period of life. He relates his work to the grooming of adolescents, motivating them to adopt the Islamic way of life through his TV series, articles and workshops in community schools. His latest release is an E-book Teen's Deen - a collection of short stories for teenagers - published by www.themuslimfamily.net He has hosted his Pre-Marriage Preparatory Workshop in many cities of India and abroad. His book, I want to marry, but …, is the talk of the community in the desi crowd. Mr. Nadiadwala trains both online and in person through his course packages. He can be contacted at: Nisaar Nadiadwala [mnisaar@gmail.com].