Why Is The Quran In Arabic? (1)

The Arabic language is the only appropriate vehicle of meaning for the final Book of God. “An Arabic Quran” NON-ARABS—MUSLIMS and non-Muslim alike—are hardly equipped to verify the truth of this claim till they have a good command of Arabic. The truth…
Honoring the Quran

Honoring the Quran

WHAT SHOULD A believing Muslim’s reaction be to the unprecedented spate of hate and bigotry directed against Muslims and their religious symbols in so many places of the world these days? The psychological shock to the community of Muslims is great, and…

The Rights of the Poor in Islam

In the 2016 US Presidential Election Cycle, progressive candidates have taken to making the case for supporting the poor by taking back the earnings of the wealthy and helping support the poor.  From the social standpoint of Islam, supporting society’s poor is…

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