The Signs Granted to Prophet Isa

The Signs Granted to Prophet Isa (A.S)

The very essence of an Islamic mindset is ‘submission in peace,’ as it exemplifies a life of compliance and obedience to the will of Almighty Allah. To elucidate the tenets of the religion and to represent the ideal way of living, Allah…

Priorities of Dawah (1)

“It is imperative that we Muslims adopt a scientific, proof-based, and rational daʿwah discourse… It is the weakness of our daʿwah discourse that turns people away from Islam.” NOW THERE’S A claim I’ve heard countless times. And I confess to having no…
Handling Hate Like The Prophet

Handling Hate Like The Prophet

THE TIDE OF Islamophobia is rising and it seems like nothing short of a miracle will stop it. Mosques around the world are being burned down. Muslims are being attacked on the streets. Islamophobes are slandering the Prophet with impunity, fomenting fear…

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