Steps of the Seekers

Steps of the Seekers (Madarij Al-Salikin): Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim’s Introduction


Low desires have put out the lamps of the hearts. The opinions of mortal men have shut the doors of divine guidance and lost the keys. Hearts are encrusted with the rust of their deeds and shut out of the realities of the Quran. The ailment of ignorance has so overcome them that even righteous deeds are of no avail. How odd, indeed! They choose to feast upon the vain opinions of mortals that neither replenish nor quell hunger, and to reject nourishment from the Words of the Lord of all the worlds, and the words of His Messenger. How shall they find their way in the darkness of men’s opinions and separate right from wrong when they fail to do this by the radiant light of the Sunnah and the Book?”