NOW THAT WE have established that I can spell, let’s mosey right along to the topic at hand, i.e., boredom. Boredom is a common feeling for many. Some people don’t acknowledge it, but when you ask them to talk about their lives sometimes you get a little whiff of it.

Before anyone gets into a tizzy…mind you, I’m not on my soap box waving a cane and labeling this an “epidemic of the youngsters” out there in the Aljumuah reader world…because anyone can get bored.

As one Aljumuah reader plainly stated, boredom is most often derived from a monotonous lifestyle.

Some people, who have yet to experience monotony of a daily routine, may not have felt it, but at some point they will experience it in their lives.

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When we:

a) Have a lot of time on our hands.

b) Get into a daily routine.

c) Are unhappy or feel unfulfilled with our daily tasks…

then, boredom becomes a fact of everyday life.

But, there are ways to combat boredom than simply reading a book…you have to take action and pray it away.

What I mean by that is shaking things up a bit – changing certain aspects of your lifestyle (I’ll get to specifics in a minute) and you also need to use du‘a’ to its fullest potential.

When boredom starts creeping into our lives, we need to freshen up our daily routines or find something that is meaningful in our lives to do in addition to the day-to-day stuff.

For example, if you’re a student and going to classes leaves your mind wandering and wondering all day, then before or after class volunteer to help with masjid activities or to assist other people in need.

First decide what you want to do, make Istikhara salah, and then give your boredom the boot.

By asking Allah for guidance and taking a positive action for something other than yourself, you will be replacing your boredom and monotonous daily routine with something good for others in this life and something far superior for you in the next life.

Know that Boredom is a consequence of self-centeredness. And, we all have the tendency to be a little self-centered at time – myself included.

Medically, the signs and symptoms frequently associated with boredom are:

❁ Vanity and self-absorption

❁ Lack of commitment to goals and plans

❁ Vague discontent

So there you have it, self-centeredness and lack of fulfillment. Therefore, pitching in to help others will help you forget about boredom completely, since there’s no time for it anymore.

And, if you ever worry about getting monotonous then worry no more…because there are so many people in need and so many different things to volunteer for you will never run out of new things to do. And, each task will be as beneficial and rewarding as the next.

That’s the other great thing, the rewards. Doing something for someone other than ourselves comes with its own set of special effects – it changes our hearts making them softer, as we gain empathy for those less fortunate. We also begin to see people as individuals and, as a result, relate better to one another. We also become less isolated. In America and in the West in general, isolation is a prime cause of boredom.

As young people and into our adulthood – if we ever want to feel true fulfillment in life, we need to start looking beyond our own backyard.

There is an entire world out there in need of your help, including in your very own local community. And there is never, ever a shortage of something you can do that will make a positive difference in the life of someone else…and in your own life.

Next time you feel bored, or feel an emptiness of being unfulfilled in life…think about all the things you could change with just a little du‘a’ and an act of compassion for something or someone other than yourself.

A little selflessness goes a long way and, before you know it, boredom becomes just another word in the dictionary instead of your way of life.

Originally posted 2017-01-25 08:00:59.

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