Thoughts on Scott Kugle, Sexual Orientation, and Approaching Homosexuality as Muslims

““Can someone be Muslim and gay at the same time?” I was initially struck by the simplicity of the question –in that homosexuality has always been seen as a great sin, to the extent that Ibn Al-Qayyim (d. 1350) said:

There is no sin that causes more corruption than the sin of homosexuality.[1]

This being said, homosexuality has nonetheless never actually been perceived as a nullifier of faith altogether. Thus, as far as technicalities are concerned, it is possible for one to be homosexual and Muslim at the same time.

But for the sake of the full picture, I did note that homosexuality was unquestionably prohibited as far as classical discourse was concerned –to the extent that it might conceivably become more logical for one to leave Islam altogether than to justify the wholesale adoption of homosexuality using Islamic sources.”