Uniting the Muslim Village

“When we establish a family that enjoys being and doing things together, we lay a strong foundation for people who will be healthy contributors to society and not uninterested or unmotivated individuals. Moving outside the family, when we show our kids the importance of relations of the womb, as they interact with extended family it creates a bond that is very strong. The Quran itself lays parameters when it lists the order in which we ought to make our charity. Visiting family –not gossiping or backbiting about them– visiting the sick, making an effort to cook for neighbors in need, or driving a friend who needs a ride instead of bickering about it are all essential. Our children need to see that in a selfish, competitive world we need to stick together if we hope to emerge whole. And yes, winning, or getting there first is not winning, if it is unfair. My father used to say that you’re truly successful not when you move along like a pair of scissors on a cloth, for it moves on yet cuts and leaves behind, but like a needle and thread that also moves ahead but sews together, and joins while it does so.”