Lessons in Patience from the Life of Musa

We human beings naturally love to receive prompt appreciation for the good things we do for others—and such is the right of the good doer. In the da’wah world of reform, however, this appreciation is, most of the time, hard to come by. That is why it is important for godly dâ’îs and reformers to seek lessons and reminders in the stories of exemplary da’wah role models, instruction that will hopefully set firm their hearts and see them along the exacting path they have chosen to tread.

Here we highlight some of the messages found in the Quran’s account of Mûsa, as well as the trials he grappled with throughout his prophetic career. These are the tough communal experiences to which Mûsa alludes in his Heavenly meeting with Prophet Muhammad (during the latter’s Night Journey, Al-Isrâ’ wa Al-Mi¢raj), saying:

By Allah! I have dealt [as a prophet] with a people before you, and I have had hard times with the Children of Israel. (¢Umdat Al-Qâri’, 17:129)