Only Allah Can Judge Me

Only Allah Can Judge Me!

“Only Allah Can Judge Me!”  This phrase is thrown around quite often, mostly by those wanting to find a loophole to justify their questionable…

With Hardship Comes Ease

“When there is no one there for us, it is as if the Quran comes to speak and console us in our time of need. If you think you were alone in experiencing this, then you’ve never been more wrong. Problem is, we think of the Quran as a material book because that’s how we have always seen it. But the Quran didn’t come down as a complete book. Rather it came down, over 23 years, in bits and pieces, addressing one or another situation faced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad œ.

What we stumble upon in the Quran, something that helps us subconsciously, is something that used to happen to him in actuality and consciously. The Quran used to be revealed as an answer, support, reassurance, upliftment, confidence-builder and a booster throughout the mission of our Prophet.”

Adab of Calling Upon Allah

“A point to ponder upon is how it is if we visit an important dignitary. Let’s take the example of the royal monarchs. Anyone who meets them and engages with them in conversation has to follow a certain protocol of speaking and conduct. They need to be addressed in a certain manner that is befitting of their position and tradition. Bringing this back to du¢a’. A slave, no greater than a speck of dust by comparison, is calling upon the King of Kings. Does it not make sense that there should be a level of adab while calling upon Allah? Our beloved Prophet œ taught us from his Sunnah, various methods and the adab of calling upon Allah in the best of manners. The following pointers should help us in getting our du¢as answered.

Reducing Sins”

The People of Allah

Article talks about how we can become the people of Allah by becoming people of the Qur’an as mentioned in the following hadith quoted in the article:

“The Prophet Muhammad said,

Allah has His own people among mankind. The Companions said: “O Messenger of Allah, who are they?” He said: “The people of the Quran–they are the people of Allah and those who are closest to Him’” (Ibn Mâjah)”