The Etiquettes of Giving

“Charity in Islam has multiple rewards: if done properly and with true intention to please Allah it could protect us against hellfire, strengthen our Iman, ensure prosperity and bring the ultimate reward from our Creator. And we don’t really have to go out of our way to give ṣadaqa – we are only asked to give what we have above our needs, or if we have no material goods or wealth to share, we can donate our efforts. “

The Du’a’ of Empowerment

“Most of us spend most of our time worrying. Worrying takes time. Then we get into a negative state, so we procrastinate, because we can’t be bothered to do anything. On top of that, most people are stuck in their limitations, in their perceptions of reality. They don’t dare think outside of the box. Do you know about the elephant? Baby elephants are tied to a small peg in the ground. They try to move further than the length of the rope that’s tied to that peg, but they’re not strong enough. They learn (decide) that they can’t move when the peg is there. They grow up and they’re trained to carry trees. But when their master pegs them to the ground, they resign to the decision they made years ago. A three-ton elephant thinks that this little peg will stop [his freedom of movement]! And that’s how we live our lives.”