My Search for Brotherhood (part 1)

“The relationship progressed. Developing into a conversation within myself. Rational, critical thinker, mocker of the faithful – how could I now be a believer? Helplessly swept away by words that took hold of my being, reinforced my spirit and satisfied my soul. Harmoniously reconciled, not compromised; I surrendered like one in complete love.

Both intellect and heart at ease, I became excited and enthusiastic. And the relationship progressed. I moved beyond the ink and paper of books, beyond the acceptance of a new internal and external paradigm. For the first time since I was a child, silently speaking to God alone in the dark of my room, it was directly between Allah and me.”

Raising Muslim Kids In A Volatile World

“I WATCHED HER face and the blue gray reflection of transient clouds in her eyes as she gazed distantly out the window. She whispered heavily, “You know, sometimes I think maybe it’s better we don’t have any kids.” My throat tightened as I fumbled around for words. My friend and her husband have been married for years. In the course of our conversations she sometimes speaks of the future saying, “If we have kids, inshâ’Allah…” She hasn’t lost hope in the providence of the best Provider — but that day she revealed an angle from which the possibility of never having a baby of her own might not be so bad.”

Islam: The Ultimate Feminine Makeover

“For many girls, discovering how overarching, pervasive and fetishized the concept of beauty is in our culture comes as a rude awakening. My understanding of what I was supposed to become, was formed in part via movies, shows, magazines, music, and probably the over-sexualized Barbie dolls I used to play with.

I remember pre-teen trips to the mall with my friends. Gazing in awe at models and mannequins, I surmised how I was “supposed to look.” Weighed down with self-consciousness I, like too many other females, agonized over my appearance and behavior. The pressure overshadowed and really destroyed what could have been many enriching experiences.”