spank or not to spank

To Spank or Not to Spank

SPANKING IS PROBABLY the most controversial discipline issue there is. People on both sides of the issue feel strongly about their views. Yet other…

The Quest for True Love

“We cannot always control who we love. There is the love for our family and friends. There is the love for our spouses and children. The most important love of all is the love for our Creator and His Messenger.

What makes this love more eminent than all the rest? Let us think about it. Why do we love our mothers? We love them because they went through long pregnancies and torturous labors to have us. We love them because they have spent numerous sleepless nights caring for us. They tried their hardest to keep us safe in elementary school and out of trouble in high school. Their unconditional love for us made us who we are today. They definitely earned, and are worthy of our love.”

Motherhood: Myths Vs. Facts

I WAS ALWAYS a very heavy sleeper. I’ve slept through it all, severe thunderstorms, crying siblings, my sister’s alarm clock. Nothing came in between me and my sleep. After I got pregnant with my first child, I wondered if I would be able to hear my child cry in the middle of the night. My mother said it to me what her mother said to her. Motherhood will change you. It most certainly did!

Not only did I awaken to their cries as infants, but I could hear every breath they took. In fact, now I hear my daughter’s footsteps walk all the way to my room when she needs to go to the bathroom at night.

This is what most of us understand to be one of the maternal instincts that we all automatically get immediately after we give birth. You know, the eyes in the back of our heads, the mind reading, and the trouble sensor. Are we all immediately showered with maternal instincts after the birth of our first child? If you say “no,” you are not alone.