Marriage and Divorce: American Muslim Trends*

“The divine wisdom of allowing couples to dissolve their marriages is obvious and essential to healthy community building. But disturbing statistics show an unprecedented rise in divorce among North American Muslims, and the collective community is not showing any signs of improvement because of it.

In her study, “Understanding Trends in American Muslim Divorce and Marriage: A Discussion Guide for Families and Communities,” Dr. Julie Macfarlane set out to collect quantifiable data relating to the increasing number of divorces in the North American Muslim community. Macfarlane, a Fellow at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding and a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor, (Ontario, Canada) received funding to research trends of American Muslim divorce from The Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. An expert in dispute resolution and mediation, Macfarlane became increasingly interested in the topic of Islamic divorce amidst the heated public discussions and accusations of Shari‘ah Law “infiltrating” the legal systems in the United States and parts of Canada.”