Rely On Allah Alone

“What’s wrong? You look miserable,” she asked.

“I feel so humiliated by what certain people did to me,” I answered, wondering if I should say more. I continued, “Every time I think at last there is someone who understands me and who I can rely on, they seem to turn the other way around, breaking their promise to me.”

She never asked me why I felt humiliated or anything more about my story. She immediately told me, “Oh sister, this is no doubt a test. Seek forgiveness and put your trust only in Allah.”

I protested, “But I did.”

She said, “You depended on Allah’s creation to do something which none would be able to do except for Allah. You feel betrayed because you trusted people. Allah loves us so much that He would never let us down when we have complete trust in Him.”

We spent nearly two hours talking about tawakkul in Allah.

After the conversation, I came home and pondered over the sister’s words. I made salah. I cried. Eventually, I realized the meaning of the beautiful word tawakkul.