The amazing miracles of atheism

In summary, we believe in God because nothing makes sense without God.

Without God we have to believe in miracles!

Figure 3: Miracles of Atheism

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  • Without God, we have to believe that a universe happened, by chance, to create itself and everything else, without any agency whatsoever, for no purpose whatsoever. It rearranged itself—again for no purpose—in orderly orbits, following steady interrelated laws, then gave itself the ability to repeat and reproduce the same bits and patterns, again for no purpose; yet without randomness, interruption or variation.
  • Without God, we have to believe that intelligence and language can somehow spring from dumb irrational sources.
  • Without God, we have to believe that a giant encrypted information pack with ultimate execution powers—the DNA—coded itself, for no reason, and then translated itself  to flesh, blood, tissue and trillions of cells for other complex functions.
  • Without God we have to believe that dead matter can spontaneously come alive —again for no purpose
  • Without God we have to adopt infinitesimally small probabilities and assume amazing luck to explain the extreme fine-tuning and precision discovered throughout the universe.
  • Without God we have to believe that non-material values such as morality, free choice, consciousness, etc. can somehow spring from dumb, unfeeling, amoral chemicals —which cannot give what they don’t have and which don’t even “understand” what they are supposedly giving.

The miracles of the prophets seem extremely modest in comparison!

The rejection of God comes with a high intellectual price.  Atheism is a call to cancel the mind, ignore innate logic and common sense and cling to science-fiction; all in the name of science!

As someone once said: Belief in a Creator is one of the greatest victories for mind.

Denying God presents many contradictions:

  • Non-believers have a confusing relationship with universal laws. On one hand they rely on the principle of causality to practice science and live their daily lives. On the other hand, they ignore causality when explaining the emergence of the universe and the emergence of life.
  • On one hand, they practice extreme design and planning, employ the best brainpower and dissect and analyze countless living creatures in continuously failing attempts to imitate God’s creation and produce the simplest living creature. On the other hand, they deny any plan, intention or design in the production of the huge variety of life forms on Earth and attribute it to randomness and chance.
  • Non-believers disparage religion as a philosophy, yet they make the most outrageous philosophical statements such as: “Science is the only way to truth.”
  • As Paul Davies points out: “All cosmological models are constructed by augmenting the results of observations by a philosophical principle.” (, 1, Para. 2)
  • Non-believers practice self-deceit, calling God by any other name; while they grant God-like unique creative powers to dumb physical processes such as natural selection, gravity, etc.
  • They devalue the human mind and cast doubt on its ability to rationalize and reach truthful conclusions; then they practice a “stolen concept fallacy” (Part 10) when they use rational cognitive processes to practice science and reach scientific conclusions.
  • Evolutionists use effects (fractions of bones) to deduce a cause (one origin for all creation.) Yet they object when theists use effects (a universe following uniform laws) to deduce a single Creator.
  • Same method of induction—neither side has any experimental or first-hand observational evidence; yet one is deemed “scientific” while the other is discarded as “unscientific.”
  • Non-believers deny any reliable truth in the Bible and Quran—the two most read books on the planet—yet they treat unsubstantiated Wikipedia attacks on the prophets and religion as “gospel truth.”
  • Non-believers demand human rights and justice for all, yet believe that Hitler and the millions he killed will all have the same final ending: no judgment, accountability, reward or punishment.
  • Non-believers practice hypocrisy in fighting “religious indoctrination” while they hold atheist camps for youth and indoctrinate school children in Darwin’s tree of life and Haeckel’s diagrams —despite the proven fraudulence of the latter and the discrediting science against the former.

The “evolution” of atheists!

What’s truly amazing is the transformation!

The same person who questioned everything in religion, demanded physical proof for non-physical things and rejected religion when complete answers were not provided —this person becomes a lamb in atheism: happy to “not know” the answers to life’s big questions; complacently accepting unsupported hypotheses; lapping up childish explanations about the spontaneous emergence of life, intelligence, free will, consciousness, morality, empathy, altruism and values; expecting precision from randomness and universes to pop into place from nothing.

All this without a shred of empirical evidence!
No questions asked!

The gods of atheism have spoken!

Maybe we should take off our hat to the proponents of atheism; they practice mass indoctrination and receive blind acceptance and contentment with ignorance which no religion could ever hope to achieve!

…To be cononcluded in Part 27

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Dr. Raida Jarrar

Dr. Raida Jarrar is a Palestinian American who holds a Doctorate of Engineering from Cleveland State University. Following a career of over twenty-five years in the fields of engineering and aviation IT, she worked as a volunteer at one of the largest Islamic centers in the Middle East, where she interacted with visitors of different religious backgrounds and diverse cultures. The series she writes for Al-Jumuah analyzes and encapsulates her discussions with the atheist visitors, presented in a question and answer format for clarity and ease of reference. The answers are sourced from research, discussions with colleagues and mentors, and personal thoughts. Dr. Jarrar also volunteers as a translator for Islamic content and hosts the Aslamt youtube channel, which is dedicated to answering common questions about faith.

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