What Not to Read DR OVAMIR ANJUM

What Not to Read

NOT ALL READINGS are the same, nor are all kinds of reading recommended. There is an erroneous and dangerous tendency among non-critical or inexperienced readers to revere…

Ibn Al-Qayyim’s Madarij Al-Salikin (Steps of the Seekers) | The Station of Khawf (Fear)

“Al-khawf is Allah’s lash with which He straightens up those fleeing from His door. He also sets a lamp in the heart, with which the good and the evil inside the heart can be seen—and everyone you fear from, you run away from him, except [in the case of] Allah: when you fear Him, you run towards Him for refuge. Hence, the one who fears Allah is a refugee towards His Lord [’s mercy] and from his Lord[’s displeasure].”