Charity: Its Realm and Importance (3)

“As mentioned previously, Ṣadaqah is a comprehensive term that is used to refer to many acts of kindness and good deeds. It may refer to something as small as removing a harmful thing from someone’s path or helping a person mount his ride. The opportunities are numerous and are available even to those without wealth. This is evident in several well-known aḥâdîth of the Prophet”

Charity: Its Realm and Importance (1)

“IT IS A gift from Allah, our Lord and Creator, and a basic human innate nature to care for the weak, those in need, and the poor. And it is for this reason, all messages revealed by Allah have emphasized this nature and given it a central role in their teachings. But the emphasis the religion of Islam places on Ṣadaqah surpasses those espoused by all others.”

Assisted Reproductive Technology (1)

"Verses 49 and 50 of the Sûrat Al-Shûra (Chapter 42, the Consultation) of the Qur’an clearly states that the very issue of who can or cannot have children is solely in the Hands of the Creator and Lord of humankind and that people do not have control over that. In addition, these as well as other verses, implicitly indicate that Allah may or may not reveal the reasons why one may or may not be able to have children. These two verses state,

For Allah only is the kingship of the heavens and the earth; He creates whatever He wills; He may bestow daughters to whomever He wills, and sons to whomever He wills. Or He may mix them, the sons and daughters; and may make barren whomever He wills; indeed, He is All Knowing, Able. [Sûrat Al-Shûra, 42:49-50]

Accordingly, since all that happens in this life emanates from the will of Allah --and certainly this is true for the creation of life-- then if Allah has not decreed a life, it will not come into existence. Likewise, if Allah has decreed the creation of a life, nothing will prevent its coming into existence. All souls have been decreed and predetermined by Allah.

Some people may not accept this fact either because of lack of faith in Allah or because they believe this issue to be a matter of pure physical/medical essence that has a very thin relation to Allah’s decree and destiny—just like everything else in life. This misunderstanding can be easily clarified by considering:

The ‘random’ nature in which infertility affects people with total disregard of any status, race, gender or power.
The unpredictability of a reversal of infertility with respect to the people suffering from it and its behavior in responding to treatment.
How many people do we know that have sought offspring but could not achieve it? And how many people do we know who did not want to have children but—despite their serious efforts in contraception—ended up having them?"