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The Word of Allah

Surat Yusuf: A Story to Comfort | Part 1- Revelation

“Yûsuf’s story was meant to comfort the Prophet, but it was also meant to bring relief to the believers. The Companions were suffering through mental, physical and emotional persecution. It was incredibly painful and difficult for them and they asked the Prophet for stories; they were looking for uplifting. And that comfort came in the form of the story of Yûsuf, revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Yûsuf was abandoned by his brothers: Not only did they contemplate murdering him, but they also forced their young brother into a well and deserted him. He was sold into slavery. He consistently dealt with the flirtations of his master’s wife, culminating in her unabashed calling him to have a sexual relationship with her. He was the subject of gossip in an entire town; he dealt with the interest of an entire group of women; he was thrown into jail and then forgotten there. He dealt with trial upon trial, test upon test. When one difficulty passed, in its place came another. And yet, in the end (as we will discuss, inshâ’Allah, in this tafsîr series), he not only became a ruler, but also he was reunited with his entire family in love, in dignity and honor, and in wholesome acceptance by the very brothers who forced him out of their lives.”

Destructive Patterns in Muslim Leadership

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Ask Your Counselor: My Daughter is Religious But…

“Question: My daughter is religious. She is God-fearing, dutiful towards her parents and committed to her salah and fasting. However, she gets real mad when someone in the family makes a mistake. Instead of fixing the problem calmly and diplomatically, she screams, utters insults and accuses us of hypocrisy and licentiousness.

If, for example, she sees one of her sisters turn on the TV, she switches it off violently while swearing. My daughter’s behavior has caused our family members to loath her and her version of religiosity. Any advice?”


Essays and Thoughts

Muhammad Ali: One Of A Kind

“Ali consequently ended up inspiring Martin Luther King Jr., who had previously been reluctant to speak about the Vietnam war. For such reasons, The New York Times columnist William Rhoden would write:

Ali’s actions changed my standard of what constituted an athlete’s greatness. Possessing a killer jump shot or the ability to stop on a dime was no longer enough. What were you doing for the liberation of your people? What were you doing to help your country live up to the covenant of its founding principles?”