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Invitation to the Faith
Muslim Samples Your Impression of Islam on Others

Muslim Samples: Your Impression of Islam on Others

“Inevitably the list of ways some Muslims don’t adhere to the teachings of Islam can go on and on. Unfortunately many non-Muslims never even consider Islam for themselves, because they are so turned off by their negative experience with Muslims or by the stereotypes we allow to be perpetuated by our own actions. A close friend of mine who accepted Islam more than a decade ago, had brought her husband, still not Muslim, to a gathering. She hoped he might feel comfortable and closer to Islam by getting to know some more Muslims. In that gathering, he was secluded with men he had never met. They proceeded to speak in foreign tongues, making him feel unbearably uncomfortable and out of place. Not a good example, but a sample. He ended up waiting outside and when his wife came out, he angrily declared that he would never attend a similar gathering again. After that day his animosity towards his wife’s choice only grew. This troubled their relationship and ultimately led even my friend to distance herself from Islam so as to save her family.”